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Smart Park

We provide a safe parking facility with solar parking meters which provide a cost effective and efficient ticketing service.

We have utilised advanced technology to provide a faster, easier and safer service to our customers which is called Cale CWT terminal. This solution is designed to make the lives of the users easy when they make the payment for parking.

Tenaga has installed solar powered Cale CWT terminals along Galle road from the Galadari roundabout up to Wellawatta city limits, Duplication road and all connecting roads as per the provisions of the Municipal Council of Colombo.

Cash Payment

If you desire to make a cash payment, the following steps can be followed

Cash payment through parking meter can be done as follows;

  • Go up to the closest parking meter
  • Press the note option on the screen
  • Select the vehicle type
  • Enter full license plate number
  • Confirm license plate number with the ‘right’ mark
  • Interest notes for expected parking duration
  • Press the ‘right’ mark to receive your ticket
  • Take your ticket
Payment through Dialog touch card

We also provide the convenience of payment using a Dialog touch card which you can reload and use when required. If you do the payment using the Dialog touch card then you need to do the payment as follows

  • Go up to the closest parking meter
  • Press the touch option on the screen
  • Press pay for your parking
  • Select the vehicle type
  • Enter full license plate number
  • Confirm license plate number with the ‘right’ mark
  • Enter start and number of hours you wish to park your vehicle
  • Tap and hold the card till the parking ticket print
  • Take your ticket
Payment through Park Smart app

We are the pioneers in introducing a mobile app for parking. Android users can get the app to their phone through google play store. Essentially this app can be used to find the closest parking meter and to make the payments for your parking. A user can experience exceptional benefits by using this app.

How to Operate the Parking Meter

Park Smart App

A smart app which is compatible with Android is available in order to provide you with a convenient, secure and efficient parking system. Currently the map is operating in the areas where the Tenaga parking meters are installed and the app provides the following conveniences;

  • Pay the parking fee through Ez cash
  • Find and navigate to the nearest meter
  • Schedule your parking duration 
  • Guided navigation back to the vehicle
  • View your parking records in the app
  • Reminder notifications on the expiry of the parking duration
  • Extend your timer
  • Multiple vehicles under your profile
  • Support from our team whenever you want

Smart Permits (Coming Soon)

Our regular customers will be considered as VIP customers and Smart permits will be introduced to them. This permit will provide you parking facilities in Colombo for a fixed amount for the month. With this method you may cost save with a monthly subscription permit.

You can experience the following benefits if you have a smart permit.

  • Prevent regular payments for parking
  • Reserve a parking slot for you exclusively for you
  • Save time by eliminating repeat payments
  • Be a privileged member of Tenaga car parks

Smart Advertising

We are taking advertising in Sri Lanka to the next level by introducing meter advertising. Now companies can advertise on our smart meters to get more attention from the customers. Isn’t that great?

You might be planning to display your advertisements on mainstream advertising channels such as; television, radio, billboards, social media. But we have a better focused advertising channel, the parking meters. With the number of customers visiting our meters there will be a good reach for your advertisements.

Since we can allocate one parking meter for your own advertisement you can make your advertisement unique from the advertisements of your competitors. So, for what are you waiting for?

To advertise on our meters call us on +94 77 226 0717 or email on info@tenagacarparks.com