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In order to provide an outstanding service to our customers we are partnered with some leading companies in Sri Lanka.

Colombo Municipal Council

Being the local council for Colombo, municipal council perform an immense service towards their citizens. Colombo Municipal Council function with the vision of “Ensure a high quality of life by providing safe, secure neighbour and cost effective, efficient services.”

Colombo municipal council being a part of the largest local government authority has partnered with Tenaga car parks to provide convenience to the public by organising the car parking in Colombo in a better manner. This government body is moving forward with many innovations and initiatives to make the lives of people around Colombo uncomplicated.



Dialog is the largest telecommunication partner in Sri Lanka with over more than 10 million subscribers. They are the pioneer in introducing Ez cash to Sri Lanka and Dialog has partnered with Tenaga to provide ez cash for ParkSmart and Dialog touch cards.


CALE Access

CALE is the world market leader in parking terminal technology. This technologically driven company provides many innovative solutions for parking systems. We have taken the initiation in bringing CALE down to Sri Lanka with the expectations of providing better parking solutions.

CALE CWT terminal will be involved in issuing the parking tickets and collecting parking fee and the vehicle owners will be provided with the following payment methods

  • Coins
  • Bank notes
  • NFC touch cards
  • Credit cards

We are directly connected to CALE Malaysia and our expectation along with CALE is to provide an effective parking system to our customers



Gtechna work as partners with CALE and they develop e-citation software to automate parking activities. The partner has 20 years of experience in over 100+ cities in 6 countries.



Negete, which stands for Next Generation Technologies, was founded with the mission of passionately helping organisations succeed by embracing modern technologies. We have a highly skilled and specialised team dedicated to providing high quality solutions and services with the technological novelty in the areas of Mobile, Web & Hospitality. They are geared to offer our clients an edge over their competitors by providing an unmatched experience in terms of processes, delivery and support, and its users, with the ultimate user experience.