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Mechanised parking by Tenaga will increase the efficiency in parking by utilising a limited space to park a significant number of vehicles. Henceforth you will not have to worry whether you will have parking in Colombo with this enhanced facility of parking. With this initiative, we are able to take the regional parking industry to a new frontier.

This parking system is more appropriate for highly populated areas, business parks, office buildings, train stations, trade centres and hotels. This system sets a hassle-free environment for your premises and eliminates any difficulties you may have faced related to parking. Importantly mechanised car parks can be constructed above ground level or under-ground as well, optimising the utilisation of space for your car park.

Even though this system is new to Sri Lanka, mechanised parking is popular in many Western countries. Tenaga has partnered with a few leading suppliers in Japan and Malaysia who provide mechanised parking in Sri Lanka.